SAFELINE enterprises is also service providing organisation which provides many more services to the customers and out of which are listed below..

    Safety Audit as per Maharashtra factories (Safety Audit) Rules 2014. Testing and Certification of Lighting Tools and Pressure Vessels as per Factories Act 1948. Testing and Calibration of LPG, Nitrogen Tank and Safety Valves as per SMPV Rules. Testing and Certification of LPG and PNG pipelines, VDT, LOT SYSTEMS as per MNGL. Preparation and Approval of Factory Plan as per Factories Act 1948. Registration of Factory, Issue, Renewal and Amendment of License as per Factories Act 1948 Issue Of Stability Certification as per Factories Act 1948 & Maharashtra Factories Rule 1963. Hazards Identification & Risk Assessment, On Site Emergency Plan & Safety Report. HAZOP Study, MCLS Report & Site Notification as per Major Accident Hazard Rule 2003. Thermography Study of Electrical Installations & Electrical Safety Audit. Authorized Energy Auditor- Approved By Maharashtra Energy Development Agency. Ventilation Survey, Noise Level Survey & Lux Level Survey per Factories Act 1948. Training Program on Industrial Safety, Electrical Safety & Accident Prevention, Fire Prevention,Fire Fighting & Mock Drill, LPG Safety, EOT Crane,Hoist Safety & Forklift Truck Handling, Behavior Base Safety Program